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Name:just a girl who's afraid of the dark
Birthdate:Feb 22
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
Hi! I'm go-gentle, also known as Laura, also known by this name at LJ.

About me: I'm from Minnesota, but currently living in Boston. I've lurked in fandom (mostly HP, but bits and pieces of others) for maybe 5 years, but it's the magic of bandom that finally got me to join in.

My username is a reference to the Dylan Thomas poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into the Good Night." If that makes me a cliche, I don't care, because I heart that poem.

If I had to state a friending policy, it would be "Yes! I love new friends!" To clarify: I friend people who I think post cool things. I also friend back people who friend me (unless you don't want me to, in which case just leave a note somewhere). I don't read on filters, so if I have you friended, I'm reading you, even if I'm terrible at leaving comments. (I recognize that these, together, form a non-scalable policy, but I'll deal with that when I get to it.) Lo, and it was time to revise this policy. I treat my flist like a reading list, which is to say that I friend people that I am interested in reading. Despite wanting to read you, though, I may not always have time, especially during busier parts of the term, at which point I make use of filters. Even if I'm not reading you at the moment, though, if I have you friended, it's because I want to. I also love random comments in my journal, whether I know you or not.

I'm adorabletrauma on AIM, and if I'm online, I do want to talk to people, even total strangers, so feel free to chat away. I can be reached by email at go.gentle at gmail.
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