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I realized yesterday that this project is kind of two projects in one. There's the encyclopedia part, and then there's the media organization part. The encyclopedia part isn't so hard to get set up - there are good models for that already, and I think my the end of tonight or so I should have a working system to deal with encyclopedia style pages. The media organization part, though, that's harder, because I don't have a good model to base it on. I'm still working on getting that part of the project set up.

I know about The Immortality Project, which has scans of most of MCR's print media through the end of last year. Is there something similar for any of these other bands? (Please please please tell me there is.)

Call for First Round of Volunteers )

Right. Any questions?
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...wow, there's way more behind the scenes stuff that makes Wikipedia user-friendly than I thought. Mmmmm, code.
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(For the record, all wiki thoughts are likely to be drive-by thoughts until Friday or so. Topology midterm on Thursday, and I'd really like not to fail.)

That said! This wiki needs a name, and if you leave it up to me, it will end up being called 'Six Degrees of Pete Wentz.' If you have a better idea or two, it would be good to suggest them at some point before Sunday or so, when hopefully I'm going to actually start setting things up.
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There's now a tag on my LJ for the wiki stuff, for ease of finding and subscribing. FYI.

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Wait, you actually want me to make my crazy ideas happen? (I had a thought today - the ideal finished product I have in mind is not that far off the HP Lexicon in content. But if I get as out of hand as the Lexicon has been in recent months, someone please take my internets away. (Although I suspect that publishing this hypothetical wiki - if one could transform it to book format - would be much less legally problematic than publishing the Lexicon. But I digress.))

Someone once told me that there are two types of people when it comes to projects. One prefers to start and figure out the details later, one wants to get all the details straight from the get-go. Clearly, I am the latter.

Okay, disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing. That doesn't mean I'm not going to try to make it happen - I'm well familiar with blind fumbling in the dark, but if you do know something, feel free to chime in. Most of this is based on research and not actual experience. Also, it's mostly me thinking out loud, so please tell me where my thinking is going wrong. This got more epic than I expected - feel free to comment on as much or as little as you want.

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What am I forgetting? Any other thoughts or suggestions you have?
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So, bandom has a lot of canon, right? And it's all very disparate, so it's hard to get a handle on it, especially coming in - if you were to join a TV fandom, you could probably watch some percent of the episodes and be reasonably caught up. But it's hard to do that in bandom - there's so much canon, and even if you have the time to deal with it all, it's hard to know where to look, especially if you're brand new. (There's a separate problem with the fact that so much of our canon can be found on youtube, and stuff disappears off youtube all the time, but that's not the point.)

Thought: it'd be awesome if there was a centralized source for bandom canon.
Response: but that'd be a huge amount of work for someone to put together. There'd need to be a way to distribute the labor.
Counter-response: Wiki!

No, seriously. A bandom wiki to collect and organize our canon. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Right, I'm going to go take a nap now, and I'll see if this is nearly as awesome when I'm not sleep deprived.


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