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i got through like 4 years in bandom without ever wanting to bang p stump, but goddamn has that changed in the last week or so.

allison suggests this is all the fault of pete wentz, and she's probably right.

fuck it all, this ends in me trying to work out how to get to lowell.
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I told twitter about this already, but, argh.

So, this weekend I was was working on a text-munging exercise, basically, just for shits and giggles. And it so happened that the text in question was a grab of a bunch of data off of twitter's API, and the exercise asked you to generate certain facts about your dataset. So I blew through this in about 2.5 hours of coding fugue, because what the API gives you is just JSON, and the exercise was in Python, and JSON in Python is just dicts, and reading through and re-arranging dicts is basically the only thing I'm good at in Python.

And then I went and took a shower, and I was thinking in the shower - dangerous, I know - but one of the things that the exercise asked us to do was to identify the sentiment of tweets - how strongly positive or negative the tweet was, based on the presence of various pre-scored emotion words, and then later it asked us to pull out the location data of tweets, and decide which state had the happiest tweets on average, and things like that.

So there I was, in the shower, thinking, and what I thought was, "man, I bet you could cue up the API grab to grab a chunk of tweets off a specific hashtag, and you could toss a sleep in there, so you just grab a few hundred tweets every minute, and you could do it over the course of a hockey game or something, and then you could parse out the sentiment by location, and see how different cities felt about the game." and then I kept thinking, about a graph one of my co-workers showed me several weeks ago, where she had graphed density of a certain metric over a map of North America, in R (which I allegedly know), so now it's not just a table of scores, but a map showing the feelings, in color. And then I said to myself, I bet it's not that hard to make GIFs from a bunch of still graphs - you could automate the whole thing to generate graphs by timestamp, then GIF them together, and you'd be able to see when Toronto gets excited, or when Boston gets sad - little clusters of red and green popping up over North America as goals get scored.

"It's a bummer," I said to myself, "that I'd need to pull the data live tomorrow evening - I don't have time tonight to figure out how to handle the repeated API call yet, and I bet Game 7 would cause a lot of feelings. Oh well. There'll be other games that have just as many emotions, surely."

still fine

Apr. 19th, 2013 12:50 pm
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getting rather sick of recognizing buildings in the background of crime scene pics, though.

i'm not under the request to shelter-in-place, but work is (and even if it weren't, i can't get there), so i get to hang out at home all day trying to be semi-productive while only having access to email and IM. I didn't take my work laptop home last night, you see, not expecting to wake up to a multi-city manhunt.

i'm fine*

Apr. 15th, 2013 05:12 pm
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My office is a few blocks from the marathon finish line, but I hate the chaos of marathon monday - they hand out the space blankets on our building's front steps - and so I work from home, a few suburbs away. Office is locked down still, and the T's not running in that neighborhood, so I'm doubly glad I'm at home.

*I'm just behaving badly on social media, which suggests that perhaps I'm a little shaken up and should maybe go for a walk. I don't like my city being talked about like it's a war zone.

actually, as long as I'm here, let me tell you my favorite story about bomb squads )

and a story about marathons )

btw, if you were sort of thinking about posting a prompt in my previous post, you should do that so I answer them instead of reading the news.
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Hello LJ/DW!

I disappeared for a while, which I didn't mean to do - I was still reading, but I got out of the habit of posting, and now that things are calming down some at work, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

I'm also writing again, which is cool. There's a Brioux mob AU that I started last summer which I'm working on again, and a PK/Carey quantum universe thingbob that I've been threatening to write forever, and I'm finally making progress that I'm happy with on both of those. (nb: that does not mean fast progress, mind you. like, don't expect to see either of these any time soon.)

How about we start with the 3 sentence meme? You know, the one where you tell me about a story you wish I would write, and I tell you a few sentences from it, and I do my best not to spend the next 3 months accidentally writing the entire fic in the comments, not that that's ever happened to me or anything.
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I was really hoping that this whole post was going to be irrelevant, since it started out of a discussion about how much money the typical NHL player makes over the course of career - as in, why do we care whether these millionaires get 53% of revenue or 50% of revenue - and it was my gut feeling that the typical NHL career looks a lot closer to Biz than to Ovie. TRAGICALLY, it's still relevant :((

Salary data proved to be too much, but what I was able to put together is a bunch of data around the length of NHL careers.

cut for graphs. lots and lots of graphs. )
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i am fine! everyone i know in boston is fine! boston is almost totally fine! unless you have to take the green line, but you should be used to being fucked by that.

in fact, i am SO fine that i forgot to text my mother this morning to let her know i was fine. whoops. i had texted her last night! but this morning i was distracted by checking in with my brother in new jersey*. (this is also why i ended up in a coat on a 60 degree day today.)

*brother is fine too! without power, and likely to be without power til next week, but they have done the sensible thing and decamped to the almost-mother-in-law's** house, on the other side of philadelphia, where there is power and so on.

**that would be the mother of his girlfriend-except-technically-domestic-partner. (for cheap housing, since only graduate students and their immediate family can live in graduate student housing. "yeah, so we showed we get mail at the same address, and then we opened a joint bank account with 20 bucks in it, so we have shared finances, and that's all the housing department wanted." i'd tease him endlessly about this if i didn't think it would freak him out.)

in other news, i have concluded cory booker is a superhero, and, sir, worst disguise ever.

tomorrow i have to interview interns. pray for my soul.
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Better Than You Ever Felt It (12476 words) by favicongo_gentle
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Duncan Keith/Brent Seabrook
Summary: When Brent wakes up in the hospital and doesn’t remember how he got there, he doesn’t worry at first. He’s a hockey player. Things happen sometimes.

My choices tonight were to get this out the door, refresh weather.com to learn when I'm going to lose power, or weep copiously while re-reading Code Name Verity (again). So, you know, I did this.


Oct. 16th, 2012 08:38 pm
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Dear yuletide author,

I am so excited you are writing a fic for me! The thought of getting a fic in one of these fandoms makes me happy already, so please don't keep yourself at night worrying - basically, I'm easy. That said, if you're looking for guidance, here's some more info. (Please note, flist, that info about specific canons has spoilers!)

Likes/Dislikes )

Haywire )

Toby Daye )

Queen's Thief )

If you want to run anything by someone for more details on my preferences, talk to [livejournal.com profile] impertinence, who knows my feelings on all these canons. (On the unlikely chance that you are imp, then you're on your own.) But seriously, I'm sure I'm going to love it.
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PD posted today about ESPN's NHL 25 Under 25 and I had a lot of feelings about it. I was IMing about it, but then I ran out of time before my afternoon of meetings and interviews before I ran out of feelings, so: feelings.

this got a little long )

ETA: OR, come talk to me about the brioux action movie that FlyersGoalScoredBy was talking about on twitter today.
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Back....a while ago, I bribed imp to write me a toby/tybalt dubcon story if I wrote her a eric/cam accidentally dating story. She's 35K words in so far, while I have the following. I'd say I won, except at some point I talked myself into write a Toby/Tybalt noncon dating story.

No Foreign Lands (1712 words) by favicongo_gentle
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eric Staal/Cam Ward
Characters: Eric Staal, Cam Ward, Jeff Skinner, Chad LaRose, Kirk Muller, Jordan Staal, Rod Brind'Amour
Summary: Five+one people who assumed Cam and Eric were dating.

Speaking of fic: both the long stories I have been working on are now complete first drafts and in beta. (For reference, that's Duncs/Seabs amnesia and Cam/Eric/Jeff arranged marriage.) They will be posted .... whenever they get out of beta. I'm thinking amnesia in a couple of weeks, and arranged marriage maybe some weeks after that.

Okay, and before I get to the next part of the post, let me tell you a story. If you haven't read the Toby Daye books, coffee figures prominently in the books, Toby rarely being seen without a cup of coffee. Imp and I were talking about, um, time-traveled Tybalt (Tybalt being born in the 1600s), and I was trying to work out whether he knew about coffee. This ended in me declaiming about the London coffeehouse culture of the late 17th century over im to imp, who basically just laughed at me.

I tell you this to give you context, when I say that this is possibly the most embarrassing overthinking I have committed this month.

hockey, ticket refunds, and economics )

And, uh, maybe my rant about 'fairness' will have to wait til next time.
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So I've been working on this whole 'dress yourself like a professional adult' thing over the past several months, which is, you know, tricky, but I am getting better at it - I finally feel like I have worked out how to shop for clothes in a way that fits my energy/schedule/budget and even though I'm still working on filling out my wardrobe, I finally feel like I know what I'm doing here, what I still need, and how I'm going to get it.

(Shoes remain a mystery to me, but that's because I'm a delicate flower about my feet and walk a mile plus every day, in all weather.)

So now I'm working on accessories, and that means that I have and wear more jewelry than previously. And my previous organization of 'scattered across the top of the dresser' is beginning to look...non-sustainable. So, flist, how do you organize/sort display your jewelry? How should I deal with mine?

(Additional data points you may choose to consider: i don't wear earrings; i need to be able to see everything at once because things i can't see don't exist; my choices tend towards the large and chunky - cuffs instead of bracelets, for example.)
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1. I was talking about Teen Wolf the other day, and I ended up looking for a post from SGA about Sheppard and the Flan's acting choices. The one I found is here, but I swear I remember a post with that same topic but in more depth, except I can't find it, so maybe I hallucinated SGA meta. As you do. The connection to Teen Wolf is left as an exercise for the reader.

2. Both NHL Numbers and Puck Daddy have decided to spend the month of August doing primers for each team, which is pretty rad if you're looking to catch up on canon for a new team you've been incepted into. (The Numbers post for the Hawks said basically "so what is up with that terrible PP? How is it SO terrible?" Not even the best statistical minds in hockey can explain in. /o\)

3. Speaking of hockey fandom, it makes me sad that so many of the challenges require you to be at your computer at a certain time to get the prompts that you want. idk about you all, but i'm not at a place in my life where i can always make that happen? and i don't want to sign up for challenges knowing i'll get a prompt that's not a good fit, because that leads to pain all around. One thing I wish happened more was challenges ran on AO3, where the code will take sign ups and prompts and combine them for you, which is awesome because a) it's easy and b) it's magic.

4. Speaking of AO3, I posted fic, uh, a while ago, and I think everyone who was interested has probably already seen it, but if not:

Wild Horses Couldn't (1887 words) by favicongo_gentle
Relationships: Carey Price/PK Subban
Summary: "Carey, we're not all freaks who don't like human contact," PK says patiently. "Hugging your friends isn’t weird."
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1. This is old, but I'm still catching up from stuff from when I was on vacation (we won't talk about what the "News" folder of my RSS feed looks like): Ellen Echtingham summarizes why it makes no sense to draft a player projected to end up a bottom-6 forward, and why teams do it anyway.

2. That article links to an article with statistics. Interestingly enough, I have a question about statistics. (My segues are GREAT.) I was in a company meeting today, and the head of HR was talking about how the company's taking steps to invest more in training, skills development, and so forth and so on. She talking about things that they're planning, and then mentioned that the company offers tuition reimbursement for work-related courses we take - "and hardly anyone uses it, but seriously, we do that" - and so, I thought that maybe I should get me some of that.

I talked to my manager about it, and he's supportive and going to look into the details of the requirement, and we decided that the class I should take would be, ideally, "Learn Statistics With R". Only, uh, now I need to find such a class. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should do that? The only requirements are it be an accredited school, and that it either be online or in the Boston area. (I've found one such course at BU's School of Public Health, and I'm going to get in touch with them to see if they'll take non-degree-seeking students.)

3. I wore new ballet flats to work today. Now my big toe hurts, right on the inside edge of the nail, especially when I press down with that toe. What went wrong, and how do I prevent it next time?