Oct. 8th, 2013

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flist, i have sitting next to me, a copy of scott lynch's republic of thieves. a copy i have finished reading, even. since i've been waiting for this since basically the day i finished red seas, this is a good day.

(also i am so glad to have this physical proof that lynch is doing better, because i worry.

(i worry that i pulled a total asshole move in getting my copy, though. i had asked my local mega-bookstore to hold a copy for me, knowing full well that they often get stuff in before the official release date, but they hadn't given me a call as of this morning. so i called them, got a nice woman who was like, 'oh, the system says it arrived this morning, it's in box in the stock room. hmm, it should be ready by the end of the day, but we'll give you a call."

reader, i did not wait for the call. instead, i presented myself on the way home from work and presented myself to pick up at the register. 'hmm, it doesn't seem to be on the shelf - how odd. but the computer says it's in, let me go check in back.' and lo, there it was.

i should point out that if at any point, someone had said, 'no, we don't have it and we can't get it for you today,' i would have given them a deep sigh and carried on and come back the next day. i'm not THAT much of an asshole.)

this isn't really so much of a review as a bunch of random flailing )


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