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(As a note, these requests contain brief characterization comments on the contents of Blue Lily, Lily Blue as well as all the spoilers ever for RM Meluch's Merrimack novels.)

Hello fellow Yuletider!

I am delighted you are writing for me! All of my requests this year are such that any fic for them will make me happy, so know that no matter what you do, I'll be happy to read what you've written (and, let's be honest, gloat that it was written for me).

General notes:

I like competence, pining, pining that gets resolved, people delighting in their own abilities, happy endings, clever assholes, that feeling of knowing that you're really really good at something, characters who are comfortable with themselves, porn, gen, character study, and heists. (Especially heists, not that any of these prompts really lead to heists.)

I would prefer not to read a story involving noncon; dubcon; a/b/o; sex that makes people feel bad about themselves; any sexual activity involving characters under 16; any sex kinkier than a little scratching, biting and holding people down; unhappy endings; or non-canonical character death. [If you matched on the Meluch prompt, there's a special note for you in that section clarifying some of these things.]

While in general I love an AU, for all these particular prompts my love of the characters is closely tied to the settings they're in - so a 'turned left instead of right' AU would be fine, but maybe not a coffeeshop AU.

If you have clarifying questions you need to ask, probably the best person for you to talk to about most of these prompts is [personal profile] shoemaster.


Maggie Steifvater's The Raven Cycle
Blue Sargent, Ronan Lynch

What's interesting here to me is the way Ronan and Blue are similar in their directness, and I'd really love to see their growing friendship explored (in a gen way, not a romance way), as Blue realizes that just because Ronan is an ass to you doesn't mean he doesn't like you, and Ronan realizes that Blue isn't something he needs to protect his friends from. Maybe something set as they continue the hunt? Or just slice of life fic, hanging out at Monmouth.

Another thing that would be interesting would be an outsider POV - what do Blue's classmates or co-workers think about her staring to hang out with all these Raven boys?

I've only explicitly request Blue and Ronan, but I like almost all the characters in this series, so feel free to include as many or as few others as you like - just not Kavinsky, please.

RM Meluch's Tour of the Merrimack

I find Augustus so fascinating, partially because he's so opaque in the books, so I'd love anything you can do to get inside his head some. What is it like being Augustus? What was it like becoming Augustus? How much is he or isn't he lying about what he remembers from his past life? What does he actually talk about when he's having semi-civil conversation with Farragut and Don Jose?

This would be a fandom that could do really interesting things with the 'turn left' kind of AU, since that's basically already canonical. I would of course read fix-it fic, though I am equally happy just not thinking about That Thing That Happens, You Know Which.

And, look, if you happened to approach Yuletide this year with the goal of writing really fucked up porn between a Roman patterner and his US Naval commanding officer, I would not complain at alllll. (Because it's Augustus, feel free to disregard all the things I said I didn't want - as long as there's no kids, animals, or knotting in the porn, I'm okay with it.)

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander
Jamie Fraser, Claire Beauchamp

I'd really like a story about Claire and Jamie getting to know each other early on - I feel like I don't have a good sense of what Jamie thought of Claire at the beginning (beyond what he's said about appreciating her bum), and I'm sure that Claire's Claire-ness must have made quite an impact. I'd love basically anything from the first half of Outlander retold from Jamie's POV, or just general character study. Or new scenes! My desires are non-specific but all-encompassing, essentially, although I find the love-triangle aspect less compelling than some people do.

(Gabaldon, especially in the earlier books, can be a little casual about establishing consent between her characters - if you're going to write sex, I'd ask that you not follow the canon lead here.)

I've read all the Outlander books to date, as well as all the John Grey books and a good portion of the short stories (it was a lost few weeks), so don't worry about spoilers for anything. Conversely, if you've only read the first book, that's also fine with me.

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