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Okay, I was on a brief vacation-and-recovering-from-vacation hiatus, but now I'm back with an excess of Outlander feelings again. As previously, spoilers for the first three books, all aired episodes, previews for the next episode, episode titles, and casting news.

Also, please note that there's discussion of a scene form the show of fairly graphic flogging, as well as speculation on whether a scene from the book involving domestic violence might or might not make it into the show.

the garrison commander

-black jack randall is SO terrifying - in the book he sometimes you can see Gabaldon pulling the strings, and randall being as menacing as she needs him to be at any given moment, and it's hard to be scared of a puppet. this randall is much more organic and basically scares the shit out of me

-slightly overshadowed by all the awful things that happened in that dining room, but that conversation with the english officers and dougal? also awful

-claire's FACE when dougal explains that now he believes her, because of the magic spring

-look if i start talking about jamie fraser, virgin, i'm going to run out of space in this post

the wedding

-as for the banging, see previous point

- i LOVED the various scots running their errands to put together a wedding that will meet jamie's standards. my favorite was angus and rupert getting the ring. 'no, he wants to keep...the part you put into the lock. and....the part at the other end.'

-tho does this mean we're going to lose the scene where jamie gives claire the ring at leoch? as a connoisseur of scenes where people make radically incorrect assumptions about other people's feelings, i enjoy that scene

-speaking of stuff lost, we lost two of the bits that made jamie almost superhumanly compassionate in the wedding scene: where he asks about frank (bc obviously claire would think about her first husband at her second wedding), and the next morning when he tells her he'd be willing to help her persue an annulment for non-consumption if she wanted. i don't actually mind this, i just thought it was interesting.

-trying to decide if jamie's hair was just different or if it's getting longer, in an attempt to learn if we're going to get the plot point about getting hit with an ax by probably-dougal and having to spend 4 months in france recovering.

-jamie, bless his heart, is doing the worst job of concealing 'crazy in love with you' that i've ever seen. luckily for him, claire is too busy freaking out (and dealing with her freakout by drinking) to notice

-i HATED the bit where dougal makes a pass at claire on the wedding night. hate hate hate. there's a lot of room for interesting color in the dougal and claire/jamie relationships, how she's so outside his experiences but he respects her confidence, and how he needs jamie on his side but not so much that he becomes a mackenzie, and that just ruins it.

rampant speculation

-the preview for next week looks like we're getting scenes not in the book? i'm tentatively intrigued, but that only further exacerbates the problem in the next point, namely:

-there is SO MUCH STUFF left. the way my ebook pages get counted, outlander is 1600 pages and we're at about 500.

-by my reckoning, at the very minimum, you have to keep the return to leoch (because it leads to the witch burning), sandringham's visit to leoch (bc he's cast), the witch burning (because they've foreshadowed it so hard), the visit to lallybroch (because they've cast ian), and the arrest and prison break (because that's the climax of the book). SO MUCH STUFF

-stuff that i would love to see not make it: that scene where jamie beats claire. nope nope nope. a world of nope. (it does prompt some really interesting discussions between the two of them as they try to navigate how they're going to make their relationship work, and as jamie makes some confessions to her almost as an apology, but, nope nope nope.)

-tho, okay, this list of things that jamie says his father punished him for is hilarious: "Let’s see, there was once for stoning the chickens, and once for riding the cows and getting them too excited for milking, and then for eating all of the jam out of the cakes and leaving the cakes behind. Ah, and letting the horses out of the barn by leaving the gate unlatched, and setting the thatch of the dovecote on fire—that was an accident, I didna do it on purpose—and losing my schoolbooks—I did do that on purpose."

-i have been trying to figure out the mid-season cliffhanger for basically the entire time the show has been on, and for the last few weeks i had assumed it would be the witch burning, but i don't think we can get there and also it's not at all in the preview, so i assume that's out, so i'm perplexed. i wouldn't think that claire is interested enough in staying in the 18th century at this point for that to make a plausible dilemma either, so, yeah, lost.

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Date: 2014-09-25 03:31 am (UTC)
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The cliffhanger could just be Claire thrown in the pit with Giellis and not the whole trial etc??

But we still have to kill her husband before that. And fit in a trip to Lollybroch?? Sandringham was why Jamie was t around right? Whyyyyy is Saturday so far away? Why is the whole season not in my eyeballs right now


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