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just finished:

Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy. I wanted something light (easy, not necessarily cheerful) to read over the long weekend, and these were that. I liked the first one okay and thought they went downhill after that.

1. Roth seems to present the Tris/Four relationship as between equals, but, uh, he's her teacher in a process in which she has to finish in the top 10 or she dies? A little 'oh, he's only two years old than her' wasn't enough for me there.
2. Speaking of, if yearly the Dauntless take 10 members, how on earth do they have the numbers described? Did I miss something? (Very 'how many students in a year at Hogwarts,' basically.)
3. I thought the third book had about eight times too much stuff going on for one book, and not in that cheerful TVD 'everything is happening!' way, just the way you have the genetic nonsense and the sabotage and the terrorism and the racism and the history of the cities and, just, slow down.
4. Not to mention that it was all a social experiment! (This is not one of my favorite plot points in anything ever.)
5. And then she kills her lady main character??? and we get to learn about the pain of the dude. SIGH.

in progress:

Breakfast with Lucien, a biography of the artist. Just started; confused about the face he seems not to be banging his assistant.

up next:

The Napoleon and Josephine book, maybe? Not really sure yet.
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