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actually, i don't have that much to say about the hannibal finale, but i want to say it very badly.

so, basically, i love will graham, and i love how he's broken and terrified but none of that matters because he knows he didn't kill those people and he's going to figure out.

also i really badly want to figure out what scully knows - from the discussion over the meal that hannibal brings her, i assume she knows the veal is people? like, those were some significant looks. BUT WHAT DOES SHE KNOW AND WHY DOES SHE LET IT HAPPEN.

also i LOVED LOVED LOVED the final scene. "hello, dr lecter." ("hello, clarice.")

i'd say i need more immediately, but, uh, what i really need is a break where nothing is people for while.

also i went and saw joss's much ado about nothing! and i enjoyed it greatly! even if i keep getting distracted by the house. mostly i thought they handed the shakespeare well, with the possible exception of Hero sometimes.

Much Ado is a play I'd actually never encountered before, and I was delighted to find that it was one of the comedies that's actually funny. (Sorry, Twelfth Night, I just can't do it.) I think my favorite character was Nathan Fillion (who is an ass) but the best scene was Benedict evesdropping on Coulson et al - i was nearly crying with laughter. (also i loved beatrice and benedict generally.)

and i'm just generally amused that joss decided he wanted to make a movie so he invited a bunch of his friends over to his house to make it happen.
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